Glasgow Clan
Date Home Away Results
30.09.2023 Cardiff Devils Glasgow Clan 5:2
07.10.2023 Glasgow Clan Coventry Blaze 5:6
15.10.2023 Glasgow Clan Nottingham Panthers 6:7
18.10.2023 Glasgow Clan Sheffield Steelers 2:3
28.10.2023 Glasgow Clan Guildford Flames 6:4
04.11.2023 Fife Flyers Glasgow Clan 2:3
05.11.2023 Glasgow Clan Cardiff Devils 0:7
11.11.2023 Glasgow Clan Fife Flyers 5:6
17.11.2023 Glasgow Clan Guildford Flames 3:2
19.11.2023 Sheffield Steelers Glasgow Clan 1:2
22.11.2023 Guildford Flames Glasgow Clan 7:2
25.11.2023 Stena Line Belfast Giants Glasgow Clan 5:1
26.11.2023 Glasgow Clan Manchester Storm 4:3
01.12.2023 Glasgow Clan Stena Line Belfast Giants 3:1
02.12.2023 Manchester Storm Glasgow Clan 2:4
10.12.2023 Glasgow Clan Cardiff Devils 2:3
16.12.2023 Glasgow Clan Coventry Blaze 4:5
17.12.2023 Coventry Blaze Glasgow Clan 3:2
22.12.2023 Cardiff Devils Glasgow Clan 4:1
23.12.2023 Glasgow Clan Dundee Stars 2:4
26.12.2023 Glasgow Clan Stena Line Belfast Giants 2:5
28.12.2023 Stena Line Belfast Giants Glasgow Clan 0:1
30.12.2023 Glasgow Clan Fife Flyers 4:1
31.12.2023 Fife Flyers Glasgow Clan 7:4
03.01.2024 Dundee Stars Glasgow Clan 3:4
05.01.2024 Glasgow Clan Sheffield Steelers 3:6
06.01.2024 Sheffield Steelers Glasgow Clan 3:2
13.01.2024 Dundee Stars Glasgow Clan 4:3
21.01.2024 Manchester Storm Glasgow Clan 7:3
24.01.2024 Nottingham Panthers Glasgow Clan 3:6
27.01.2024 Glasgow Clan Manchester Storm 2:5
28.01.2024 Coventry Blaze Glasgow Clan 2:3
02.02.2024 Glasgow Clan Sheffield Steelers 2:5
03.02.2024 Sheffield Steelers Glasgow Clan 9:3
10.02.2024 Glasgow Clan Stena Line Belfast Giants 5:8
11.02.2024 Nottingham Panthers Glasgow Clan 3:2
14.02.2024 Coventry Blaze Glasgow Clan 4:3
16.02.2024 Glasgow Clan Coventry Blaze 4:2
21.02.2024 Glasgow Clan Guildford Flames 3:2
24.02.2024 Glasgow Clan Nottingham Panthers 9:3
25.02.2024 Dundee Stars Glasgow Clan 7:3
01.03.2024 Glasgow Clan Fife Flyers 6:7
02.03.2024 Fife Flyers Glasgow Clan 6:7
09.03.2024 Manchester Storm Glasgow Clan 3:4
10.03.2024 Glasgow Clan Nottingham Panthers 5:6
16.03.2024 Glasgow Clan Manchester Storm 2:3
17.03.2024 Cardiff Devils Glasgow Clan 2:0
22.03.2024 Glasgow Clan Dundee Stars 8:5
23.03.2024 Guildford Flames Glasgow Clan 7:1
29.03.2024 Glasgow Clan Dundee Stars 1:5
30.03.2024 Stena Line Belfast Giants Glasgow Clan 5:0
01.04.2024 Nottingham Panthers Glasgow Clan 2:3
06.04.2024 Guildford Flames Glasgow Clan 6:3
07.04.2024 Glasgow Clan Cardiff Devils 5:8

Name: Braehead Arena

Opened: 1999

Address: Braehead Arena, Kings Inch Road, Glasgow, G51 4BN, United Kingdom

Capacity: 3 500

Braehead Arena is a multi-purpose arena in Renfrewshire, Scotland. The arena was built in 1999, and is located within the Braehead shopping complex.

The Arena boasts seating of 3,500 and is renowned in British Ice Hockey for having one of the most electric atmospheres in the sport, thanks to the Purple Army.

Basic info



Club adress
Braehead Arena
Kings Inch Road
Glasgow, G51 4BN
United Kingdom


National titles

European championships or greatest European accomplishments

Last Seasons

2022-23: 8th regular season, quarter-finals
2021-22: 6th regular season, quarter-finals
2020-21: did not play
2019-20: 7th regular season
2018-19: 4th regular season, quarter-finals

About club

The Glasgow Clan are the city’s only professional ice hockey club. They compete in the Elite Ice Hockey League (EIHL), the UK’s premier ice hockey league, which consists of 10 teams representing all four home nations.

The club is highly involved with the local community, helping promote the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle. Ice hockey unites people from all walks of life. “Seeing is believing,” as they say, and you only have to attend a game to see and believe the atmosphere that they have created.

Originally called the Braehead Clan, the club was rebranded in 2018 to represent the whole city of Glasgow. The Clan have worked hard in their early seasons with fans and sponsors and they have a very bright future ahead on and off the ice.

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