Apply for Kånken Youth Award; Winner gets €10,000

Apply for Kånken Youth Award; Winner gets €10,000

​Are you proud of your club’s youth development program?

Then go ahead and apply for the Kånken Youth Retention Award.

The Alliance of European Hockey Clubs, together with our partner Fjällräven, want to award the best youth hockey club/program in Europe with 10,000. We’re not just looking for the club with the best result or the best players. We’re looking for the youth hockey club/program that works hard at developing and retaining our young girls and boys in the game.

To award a worthy winner we need to get the following documents from you:

Show us:

  • How does the club work in order to keep young (age 10-16) girls and boys in the game?
  • How many active players (age 10-16) are with the club and how many have been there 3 years or more in the club/program. (Roster & photo)
  • How does your club/program recruit & educate coaches?
  • Other documents describing your social programs, such as gender equality, anti-bullying, social engagement initiatives and leadership education
  • Last date for submitting your application: 13 March 2020

The winning club will be presented with the Kånken Youth Retention Award at the Fenix Outdoor European Hockey Awards on 9 June in Prague, Czech Republic.

To apply, go to our website

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