Piráti Chomutov

Date Home Away Results
11.09.2019 Piráti Chomutov HC Baník Sokolov 4:1
13.09.2019 LHK Jestřábi Prostějov Piráti Chomutov 4:3
16.09.2019 Piráti Chomutov SK Horácká Slavia Třebíč 3:0
18.09.2019 SK Trhači Kadaň Piráti Chomutov 3:4
21.09.2019 Piráti Chomutov HC Slovan Ústí nad Labem 5:2
23.09.2019 HC Benátky nad Jizerou Piráti Chomutov 0:4
25.09.2019 Piráti Chomutov HC Slavia Praha 5:0
28.09.2019 HC Dukla Jihlava Piráti Chomutov 4:0
02.10.2019 Piráti Chomutov ČEZ Motor České Budějovice 1:4
05.10.2019 HC ZUBR Přerov Piráti Chomutov 2:1
07.10.2019 Piráti Chomutov HC Stadion Litoměřice 2:1
09.10.2019 Piráti Chomutov HC RT TORAX Poruba 2011 8:3
12.10.2019 VHK ROBE Vsetín Piráti Chomutov 5:2
16.10.2019 Piráti Chomutov HC Frýdek-Místek 6:4
19.10.2019 AZ RESIDOMO Havířov Piráti Chomutov 2:3
21.10.2019 HC Baník Sokolov Piráti Chomutov 4:2
23.10.2019 Piráti Chomutov LHK Jestřábi Prostějov 3:1
26.10.2019 SK Horácká Slavia Třebíč Piráti Chomutov 3:1
30.10.2019 Piráti Chomutov SK Trhači Kadaň 4:0
01.11.2019 HC Slovan Ústí nad Labem Piráti Chomutov 1:3
13.11.2019 Piráti Chomutov HC Benátky nad Jizerou -:-
16.11.2019 HC Slavia Praha Piráti Chomutov -:-
18.11.2019 Piráti Chomutov HC Dukla Jihlava -:-
20.11.2019 ČEZ Motor České Budějovice Piráti Chomutov -:-
23.11.2019 Piráti Chomutov HC ZUBR Přerov -:-
27.11.2019 HC Stadion Litoměřice Piráti Chomutov -:-
30.11.2019 HC RT TORAX Poruba 2011 Piráti Chomutov -:-
02.12.2019 Piráti Chomutov VHK ROBE Vsetín -:-
04.12.2019 HC Frýdek-Místek Piráti Chomutov -:-
07.12.2019 Piráti Chomutov AZ RESIDOMO Havířov -:-


Opened: 2011

Address: Mostecká 5773, Chomutov, 43001

Capacity: 5 250

Basic info



Club adress
Mostecká 5773
Chomutov 43001
Czech republic


National titles

European championships or greatest European accomplishments

Last Seasons

2018-19: 13th regular season, relegated to Chance Liga
2017-18: 11th regular season
2016-17: 7th regular season, semi-finals
2015-16: 8th regular season, quarter-finals
2014-15: 1st regular season, WSM liga champion, promoted to Extraliga

About club

The club was founded in 1945, a few months after World War II. The men's team started to play in the highest league only six years after the club's birth. The most successful period was in the 1950s, when the team won silver and bronze medals in the Czechoslovakian league. The biggest tragedy in the history of the club happened shortly after these successes. Five club members, including three players, died in a plane crash near Zurich airport in November 1956.

The team was relegated in 1964 after 13 consecutive seasons at the top level and played only two more seasons (1967/1968 and 1973/1974) before a more stable return in 2012. The team has played four seasons in the Extraliga and 2016/2017 was the most successful in modern history, reaching the semi-finals for the first time since the introduction of a playoff system.