EHC Olten

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Name: Eisbahn Kleinholz

Opened: 1961 (covered 1976, renovated 2014)

Address: Sportstrasse 95, 4600 Olten

Capacity: 5384

Basic info



Club adress
Hauptgasse 11
4600 Olten


National titles

European championships or greatest European accomplishments

Last Seasons

2022-23: 2nd regular season, league finals
2021-22: 2nd regular season, league finals
2020-21: 5th regular season, semi-finals
2019-20: 3rd regular season, playoffs cancelled
2018-19: 3rd regular season, semi-finals

About club

EHC Olten is the largest sports club in the canton of Solothurn and is of great importance throughout the Swiss Mittelland. Since 1970, EHC Olten has played in the top two Swiss divisions without interruption.

The highlights of the club's history were promotions to the National League in 1985, 1988 and 1993. More than 170 boys and girls play in 16 different teams in the youth department of EHC Olten.

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