Spiideo: the official Live Streaming & Video Recording Partner of E.H.C.

Spiideo: the official Live Streaming & Video Recording Partner of E.H.C.

GOTHENBURG, Sweden (7 Sep 2021) – Spiideo and the Alliance of European Hockey Clubs – E.H.C. – today announced a multi-year partnership, naming Spiideo the Live Streaming & Video Recording Partner of the E.H.C. Alliance.

The partnership will offer Spiideo an array of networking and exposure opportunities within the European club hockey community and preferred participation at the E.H.C. Hockey Business Forum, a must-attend international networking event and the best forum in Europe to attend for hockey clubs looking to grow their businesses.

With headquarters in Malmö, Sweden and with some of the world's premiere sports clubs, leagues and federations as customers, Spiideo is an industry leader in technology to provide video sports recording, analysis and streaming solutions in ice hockey, as well as in soccer, basketball, rugby, field hockey, handball, lacrosse and in individual sports.

“Spiideo understands that what you tend to do in practice you tend to do in games; not the opposite. With our unique technology, the coaching staff can immediately analyze a practice or a play to address and improve team or individual performance. And at the same time, you can live stream games and earn revenue for your organization from the same system.” said Morgan Zeba, Sales Director Ice Hockey.

"As one of the E.H.C. Alliance's objectives is improving the performance and overall quality of European pro clubs, our expertise and business idea matches well with the profile and vision of the E.H.C."

“We have had a relationship with Spiideo for several years and we have seen how useful their technology is for clubs with the ambition to take the next step," said E.H.C. Managing Director Szymon Szemberg. "Practice is no longer a thing you routinely do and then just go home, and also, striving for excellence implies that not only games must be analyzed, but also the team's daily training sessions. We are very excited to partner up with Spiideo that can offer this technology to clubs."

About Spiideo: Spiideo is a Malmö, Sweden based, industry-leading company that delivers astonishingly simple, powerful, and innovative solutions to the global sports community that shape the future of sports video production, analysis, and consumption. With flexible camera systems for Ice Hockey, Spiideo cameras feature automatic recording, auto-follow, and virtual panorama technology that integrates directly with both Spiideo Perform and Spiideo Play. By living in Spiideo, sports organizations are able to eliminate manual recording processes, analyze the performance in a single platform, share footage from the cloud, and earn revenue through streaming.

Web: www.spiideo.com | Twitter: @spiideo | Linkedin: Spiideo

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